[Bug 190382] [NEW] Unable to change folder views for external storage in KDE4

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Thu Sep 11 21:36:39 UTC 2008

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Been using KDE 4.0 in both Kubuntu 7.10 (gutsy) and 8.04 (hardy,
development). On my system, I use an external hard drive connected by
USB as a storage drive for my documents and such. In KDE3, I liked how I
was able to change the icons of folders as well as adjust how each
folder could be viewed. Any changes I made, either with Konqueror or
Dolphin, were kept.

However, using Dolphin or Konqueror in KDE4, I've found that any changes
I make to the viewing preferences on the external drive don't stick -
custom folder icons don't change, and changing folder view settings such
as switching to detail view doesn't stick - if I leave the directory and
return, the default view for the folder has been restored. Dolphin seems
to create a .directory file in each folder where the settings should be
stored, but opening up the .directory files with KWrite reveals they're

I can change the view setting in my home folder just fine, and this is
not an issue of needing write permission for the files on my external -
I can move, copy and remove files from it just fine. It's just that the
Dolphin kpart seems to be spitting out blank .directory files when it
should saving custom folder view settings.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Plug in a USB flash drive
2) Create a new folder on the flash drive.
3) Right click and select Properties on the folder
4) Click on the icon image and select a new icon for the folder
5) Press OK and save the new icon. The folder icon should not change
6) Go into the folder, choose to view hidden files and open up the .directory file in a text editor. It should be blank. 

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     Assignee: Ralph Janke (txwikinger)
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Unable to change folder views for external storage in KDE4
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