[Bug 258611] Re: Korganizer: Terrible delay in mouse action on calendar

Rigo Wenning rigo at w3.org
Fri Sep 5 09:59:45 UTC 2008

** Description changed:

  Binary package hint: kdebase-kde4
  When the user runs the scrollwheel or clicks on the calander, the main
  window takes a full second to respond, and the calendar view takes
  another second to update itself. For instance, the user clicks on a
  specific date. After one second delay the date's details appear in the
  main window, and one second later the calendar changes to show the new
  date selected. I have not seen these delays using the official KDE 4.1
  builds, only from the Ubuntu repos.
  Kontact v1.3
  Note that this is in a Dual-core, 2GHz system that I use to triage bugs
  for KDE and KDEPIM. I have not experienced this delay in any
  configuration other than the default 8.10a3 build.
+ 2008-09-05 Confirmation from me on KDE 4.1.1 with latest packages from
+ ~ppa. (Kontact 1.3 having Korganizer 4.1.1) It is almost impossible to
+ schedule a meeting while being on the phone. I also noticed delays while
+ typing emails. Letters take several milliseconds to appear, which is
+ most probably related to spell-checking. There is no way to stop spell-
+ checking in KDE 4.1.1 system settings in Kubuntu. (I want kcontrol back
+ instead of this tool stripped down to meaninglessness) So I can't test
+ without spell-checking.
+ This is a very annoying bug and hinders upgrade for the moment. There is
+ no issue using kontact 1.2.9 on KDE 3.5.9

Korganizer: Terrible delay in mouse action on calendar
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