[Bug 251247] Re: xmodmap fails in Xsession.d

Jens Jorgensen jorgensen at lowtechsolutions.net
Mon Sep 1 01:30:09 UTC 2008

Unfortunately copying it so that it runs under both 80ubuntu-xmodmap and
999ubuntu-xmodmap also does not fix this for me. Perhaps there's
actually something else that you did that fixed the problem for you? I
also added "set -x" into my /etc/X11/Xsession just so that I could
actually *see* in .xession-errors that xmodmap is running for me. And
indeed it is running just fine. I'm suspecting there is something in the
kde stuff that is clobbering the xmodmap settings. Trouble is I'm not
too sure how I could be able to trace through to get anything like that.

The "System Settings" does have a section for "X Modifier Mapping" so
maybe when that is applied it wipes anything that's set instead of just
merging in the settings? I don't see anything that would allow you to
turn this off or anything to let you add your own.

The interesting thing for me is that I was using my own xmodmap to make
it so my "multimedia keys" on my keyboard work. I noticed quite a while
ago (though I don't remember exactly when unfortunately) these keys used
to work and then just stopped. Well, once I started poking around with
/etc/X11/Xsession.d I see that the 80ubuntu-xmodmap /already/ has the
entries I need to turn on the volume up/down keys etc. So my belief is
that there wasn't something that I broke but rather something in kubuntu
(upstream, kde perhaps?) that "enhanced" its behavior and broke this

xmodmap fails in Xsession.d
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