[Bug 290989] Re: KDE4 sensitive to /tmp space

karaluh karaluh at karaluh.pl
Thu Oct 30 14:42:03 UTC 2008

> Is this reproducible (i.e. do you always have to remove the cache file in tmp) or was this a one time
> occurrence?

After the removal everything seems to be working fine. I guess this bug
could be reproduced by filing /var to 100% and loging out.

> Is this hardy or intrepid and if intrepid, was it a clean install or an upgrade? Did anything fail/crash
> during the upgrade/install in this case?

It's Hardy to Intrepid upgrade. Some things went wrong during the
upgrade (a lot of actualy), but none of them is the cause here. First
login was succesful. I didn't clean the cache after upgrade (that was
stupid), uncommented third party repositories in sources.list, tried to
update and failed because of lack of free space on /var. Then I rebooted
and all the crashing started. My guess would be that during the logout
process the cache file got corrupted because of the lack of free space.

KDE4 sensitive to /tmp space
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