[Bug 258611] Re: Korganizer: Terrible delay in mouse action on calendar

Rigo Wenning rigo at w3.org
Wed Oct 29 08:53:11 UTC 2008

Ok, I tried kate and kwrite from 3.5 and they were instantaneous over ssh. Kate and Kwrite are both slower in their KDE4 version. But not to the point like in email. I had no spellchecking enabled. I type this message into the bugtracking using Konqi 4.1.2 with spellchecking enabled and it works really well. No delays at all. 
I also yesterday played a bit with the desktop effects as I'm using nvidia cards known to have issues and I'm also using twinview. Twinview has acceleration on both screens. That's why I use it instead of xinerama. Enabling "sharpen" and "explosion" crashed my entire system. If I just use the default effects (including compiz) it just works fine. I have translucency and all box/flip/cover switches enabled. 
But i have the impression that automatic spell check works differently. The new spell checking already underlines even if the word typed has only three letters. In KDE 3.5 it only tests once the word is finished and the first space is introduced thereafter. It is also very surprising that editing the subject box has nearly no delays while writing the message body has the problem.
I will now try to use Kontact1.3/KMail 1.10 with an external editor enabled. 

Now the big question is: Have all who experience this delay nvidia
graphics cards?

Korganizer: Terrible delay in mouse action on calendar
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