[Bug 150333] Re: Kubuntu does not have the same "magic" than Ubuntu

kko ko69859 at uta.fi
Sun Oct 26 08:49:54 UTC 2008

Thanks for your response. I'm aware of the history, and I can understand
handling the bug traffic does involve work, though there may be ways
around it.

However, if the issue is that "this would be more suited to a wiki
page", I think Harald Sitter could've said as much, instead of his
exclamation above. The exclamation was in direct contrast to Martin
Böhm's first comment above - "Thank you for your feedback! ... Please
stay with us and keep informing us about the features you would like to
see in Kubuntu."

I think that tracking Kubuntu's status in this manner (compared with
Ubuntu) within the bug tracker is a useful exercise - individual bugs do
sometimes get lost and abandoned in the mass, and this report helps by
keeping the big picture updated. If the developers are going to disagree
and say that elsewhere, like on the Kubuntu Todo wiki page you
referenced, would be preferable, that's for you to decide. (From the
viewpoint of a user however, Launchpad is a very accessible medium.)

Kubuntu does not have the same "magic" than Ubuntu
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