[Bug 280997] Re: solid-bluetooth needs update for bluez 4.x

Niels Ganser niels at sockgap.de
Sat Oct 25 11:58:24 UTC 2008

How on earth is bluez-gnome not an option? I can't fathom why something
(a bluetooth GUI!) many people have used for all of the recent releases
should be stripped out completely if there's a perfectly fine solution
available. Now if there's a serious *functional* problem when using
bluez-gnome, that's a different story!

But it appears to be just a "vanity" issue, does it not? In that case I
would strongly suggest going with bluez-gnome until there's a working
KDE counterpart available. It's not like this would be the first
transitional package of all times..

Of course I completely agree with Christian's last 3 sentences. We
should never have been in this situation in the first place. But we are
now and simply looking the other way won't help.

Bottom line is this: not having a bluetooth GUI of some sort is a
*defect* for many users. Using one of a different desktop environment
most likely wouldn't even be noticed..

As a last thought: if the concern is that a gnome component would
require too many libs that take away hard drive space, then how about
popping up a window saying "hey, HAL has detected a bluetooth adapter.
would you like to install bluez-gnome, requiring X mb on your hard

solid-bluetooth needs update for bluez 4.x
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