[Bug 286219] Re: [intrepid] adept crashes with SEGFAULT

Jonathan Thomas echidnaman at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 00:29:30 UTC 2008

Ok, let me take a crack at explaining this.

Back in adept 3.0~beta4ubuntu3, there is a really reproducible crash that can be triggered in Adept Installer by:
-Marking an application for installation
-Switching application categories
-Switch back

This was caused by the improper extendable list state handling and will
be fixed in ubuntu4.

So the left/right clicking on the package to reproduce the crash was
sort of a red herring, you only needed to click once and switch app

I did, however, find a separate bug while trying to reproduce the
original one. To reproduce the new bug I discovered:

-Open up Adept Installer
-Expand a package by clicking on it
-Alternately left and right click the Install checkbox really fast

After this the package list will not refresh, which is observable when
you scroll the page. It seems right-clicking on the checkbox would
normally close the extended item, but doing so while dependencies are
being calculated confuses adept and causes not to pain the package list.

[intrepid] adept crashes with SEGFAULT
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