[Bug 285841] Re: kdevelop can't compile programs in kde4 (intrepid ibex)

hunger tobias at aquazul.com
Mon Oct 20 14:14:39 UTC 2008

This does look very much like a issue with autotools getting confused.

Could you please try again without all the unnecessary stuff (all those
cds, prefixes to configure, setting up all the variables). I would bet
that it will work then.

If it does work then you are probably running into some escaping hell...
autotools sometimes get a very different notion of what belongs together
than the rest of the world. Try adding one variable at a time till
something breaks and check the shell code for the stuff that it is
complaining about. I bet it has a space to much/few or some really wired

If it does not work, even without all the above changes: Could you
please tar up the buildsystem files (and everything else;-) for me so
that I can take a look? Your example code is not super secret, is it?

Best Regards,

kdevelop can't compile programs in kde4 (intrepid ibex)
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