[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

X3 x3webworx at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 07:20:57 UTC 2008

I agree totally that Microsoft leads the OS market simply because
unfortunatly of 3 main and very importatnt facts!

1) Hardware support

2) Great sofware that though commercial is not developed for Linux and
this should be. Interopeability

3) Rubbish email support Cant import Windows live mail account .iaf
format into Linux. setting up email is a pita in linux sloppy really.

Overall I have to agree its not just a case of building machines with
hardware that UBUNTU supports is a question of widespread development of
drivers that support the state of the art hardware like SLI mostly in
laptops and for those that are gamers well thge development of games
that can be just installed in linux like thy would in windows, teh same
for sofware like Photoshop, Autocad, Revit, Microstation, 3dsMAX, SAP,
EPOS and on to other industry standards software... That were this to
happen I tell you that the marriage inbetween Open source free OS and
paid/commercial sofware professionals use would be more appealing for
companies to make a switch because either way you look at it your saving
a huge amount of money in licensing. no retraining on similar packages
and instant more organised productivity and efficiency.

The Future of Linux OR UBUNTU in this case is to embrace the standard
industry standards that professionals are used too in other ares and
maybe then gradually they would give the opensource replacements a try
and learn as they go suggesting to companies a use it cause its free its
not allways the most appealing approach. Though it makes a great case.

People moan about Microsoft rubbish, resource hogging OS that really in the end ends up winning because widespread hardware support on every main stream machine is extremely important I cant use a web cam in linuc
x or a scanner at home without using WINE eh nice as that is it still looks sloppy or similar ,messengers are not Video Orientaded like 1 messenger to rule them all Pidgin fo e.g. where it to support a multi Video Chat via the MSN network or its own free protocols man oh man. 

I praize Linux and the values the ideals of the people that put so much
effort into making UBUNTU stand well out and be the most viable distro.
I also agree that too many distros that really each try to offer
something diffrerent and then people moan about the 50 flavours of Vista
eh! Though some education in differences that exist in between Linux and
windows I have to say that personally I live with triple boot platforms
because each has a unique feature that I like and prefer over the other.
but fix these 3 issue and Microsoft will be Broke in no time... And I
would switch my whole network to Linux and my works network and many
other companies would follow suit.

So heres the question how to get commercial developers to develop
drivers and sofware for Linux instead. more so that the few that already
do... And all with a nice GUI not everyone is a linux Buff people are
afraid of a dos prompt never mind being afraid of so much more powerfull
Linux Console.

Openoffice support on IRC is a joke... jst thought I throw that in.

Microsoft has a majority market share
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