[Bug 223226] Re: Upgrade from kubuntu Dapper requires manual intervention and kdm shutdown

Richard Green rtg at aapsc.com
Mon Oct 6 16:23:21 UTC 2008

On Mon, 6 Oct 2008, kko wrote:

> "So why does it take six months to get a one-line change made to a single
> web page???"
> Hmm well, there's a limited number of eyes looking at bugs and of people
> fixing things, so patience is a virtue. You did mention you're impatient
> though. :-)
   Yes, I posess the best of qualities: Impatience when I want to get 
something done, and Procrastination when I have to do something myself.
> Then again, it seems the fact that 'kdm' did require manual stopping
> wasn't actually expected. Perhaps there are other remedies for the issue
> that may allow dist-upgrades directly from X in the future also for
> Kubuntu? (Not a huge priority for me, but may be more important from the
> developers' / other users' point of view.)
Somehow, the gnome folks have accomplished a dist-upgrade from within the 
gui, but from my old knowledge of X, the server dies when its initial 
process terminates, so any attempt to restart kdm, which I believe is X's 
'initial process', will cause X to die and all the subordinate 
applications to spill their guts on the floor.
   So if it is indeed possible to upgrade kdm or even X itself while it is 
running, it sems to me somewhat akin to changing the engine while speeding 
down the freeway.  That's clearly above my pay grade.
   So the one-line warning on the web page would be considered a 
'circumvention' rather than a 'resolution', but I still think it would 
save a few people some grief if that were added to the published 

Upgrade from kubuntu Dapper requires manual intervention and kdm shutdown
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