[Bug 261380] Re: Packages have invalid .gnu_debuglink

Martin von Gagern martin.vgagern at gmx.net
Sun Nov 23 14:01:04 UTC 2008

Still not fixed in 4.4.3-1ubuntu4_i386 for Jaunty.

I had a typo in comment 9; s/"dbg -x"/"dpkg -x"/

To get some traction here, I think the following should work:
1. (debian/patches/) patch configure to include "CONFIG+=nostrip" in QMAKE_VARS
2. (debian/rules) pass "-no-separate-debug-info" to the configure invocation
3. (debian/rules) call "dh_strip --dbg-package=libqt4-dbg" to separte the debugging symbols the Ubuntu way
4. (debian/rules) drop all other packaging instructions for the libqt4-dbg package

Right now I don't even have access to my Ubuntu system, so I can't try
this out just now. Might take a few weeks before I can work on this
again, so if you want to experiment in that direction, be my guest.

Packages have invalid .gnu_debuglink
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