[Bug 286905] Re: [SRU req.] kdepim stability fixes; calendar crashes when using google calendar [regression]

Andreas Wenning awen at awen.dk
Tue Nov 18 12:39:26 UTC 2008

** Summary changed:

- contact crash in calendar after update kde 3.5.10
+ [SRU req.] kdepim stability fixes; calendar crashes when using google calendar [regression]

** Description changed:

- Binary package hint: korganizer
+ This is an accumulated stability update fixing a number of crashes and
+ information loss situations as well as regressions in kdepim 3.5.10.
- After the update in hardy-updates to kde 3.5.10 contact crash in
- calendar.
+ Going through the changelog:
- It crashes if remote resources eg. googlecalendar is used.
+   * Add kubuntu_17_upstream_r860376.diff which fixed a pointer problem
+     in korganizer leading to objects being lost.
+ Rationale: Can lead to informaion loss in certain cases. Extremely minor fix.
- Other upstream bug reports:
- http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=170669
+   * Add kubuntu_18_upstream_r857911.diff to make sure that the inbox
+     folder doesn't stay hidden if content is added.
+     - See http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=168544
+ Rationale: kde 3.5.10 introduced hiding of the local inbox if it wasn't in use; if hidden starting to use the inbox would however not make it appear again. This introduced a "practical" mail loss. This patch fixes this and will reveal the mail again.
+ TEST CASE: Open a fresh kmail, inbox is hidden. Add a new account that delivers to the hidden inbox, the inbox doesn't show up again. Install the version from hardy-proposed and the inbox now appears.
+   * Add kubuntu_19_fix_gcal_crash.diff which fixes problems with remote
+     resources crashing kontact, most notably when using GCal. (LP: #286905)
+ Rationale: Regression from kdepim 3.5.9.
+ TEST CASE: Add google calendar to kontact; switch to kmail and back and kontact crashes. Install the version from hardy-proposed and the crashing stops.
+   * Add kubuntu_20_upstream_r882942.diff which prevents incidence loss
+     under certain conditions as the UID map wasn't being reloaded.
+ Rationale: Can lead to large amounts of informaion loss in certain cases. Minor fix.
+   * Add kubuntu_21_upstream_r882976.diff to prevent KMail crashing
+     due to certain malicious base64-encoded mail parts.
+ Rationale: Can crash KMail by tricking the user into opening a malicious mail.
+ The accumulated update in total has a very little regression potential;
+ and furthermore fixes already introduced regressions.
+ Test build of the proposed SRU is avaible in my PPA:
+ https://launchpad.net/~andreas-wenning/+archive

[SRU req.] kdepim stability fixes; calendar crashes when using google calendar [regression]
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