[Bug 296782] Re: Network Manager conflict with bridge defined in /etc/network/interfaces

Christof Warlich cwarlich at gmx.de
Mon Nov 17 08:22:55 UTC 2008

I agree that configuring physical interfaces that are not mentioned in
/etc/network/interfaces with DHCP by default is not what most people
would expect - it caused some headaches for me at least. It would be a
much cleaner approach to implement the "DCHP by default" behaviour by
simply adding related DCHP stanzas to /etc/network/interfaces.

But while the current approach may not be ideal, it dosn't prevent users
to change the network configuration according to their needs: To pick
the example above, where eth1 shall be left unconfigured, the current
implementation requires to _add_ a stanza to /etc/network/interfaces
that tells the system to leave it untouched, while one would have to
_remove_ the DHCP eth1-stanza when the "cleaner approach" suggested
above would have been implemented.

Thus, if the definition of "fix" is to solve an issue in the best
posible way, I could agree that the above is not a fix, but it' s
definitely a good workaround: To avoid the need to shutdown eth1
manually after every reboot, you may just add

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet manual
up ifconfig $IFACE up
down ifconfig $IFACE down

to  /etc/network/interfaces.

Network Manager conflict with bridge defined in /etc/network/interfaces
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