[Bug 58537] Re: Amarok Takes 30 Seconds To Stop Playing Music After You Quit The Program

Jeremy LaCroix jeremyblacroix at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 21:04:01 UTC 2008

In Intrepid I still had this problem. Unfortunately, yesterday I 
upgraded all the computers to Amarok 2.0 Beta 3 so I no longer use the 
original Amarok. I haven't had enough time to play with Amarok 2 to see 
if the issue is fixed, unfortunately. But I should be able to soon.

Michael Chang wrote:
> At risk of being too technical, Amarok itself doesn't play music. The
> current version actually calls another application (known as an
> "engine") to play the music -- and the music playing runs in another
> thread/process so that when the GUI lags, (which WILL happen due to
> stupidness in the way X is designed) your music doesn't skip. So, A) it
> takes time for the "quit" message to get from one application to
> another, and B) if there's a bug in the configuration of the engine,
> that would likely cause this behaviour. 30 seconds seems like a lot to
> me, but perhaps it's just me.
> Does upgrading to the Amarok in Hardy or Intrepid fix the issue?
> Of course, if the whole "using an engine" is the cause of the bug, then
> you may want to help with testing of Amarok 2, which uses some new-
> fangled KDE 4 library to play sound instead.
> Oh... and for what it's worth, last I checked, XMMS is no longer being
> maintained, so if it breaks and there's a bug, there's nobody that can
> fix it. *shrugs*

Amarok Takes 30 Seconds To Stop Playing Music After You Quit The Program
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