[Bug 294638] [NEW] KDE4: Changing non important Properties of a Starter-Icon (in panel or on workspace) destroys Icon and changes its place in KMenue to the "uncategoriezed" subfolder

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Thu Nov 6 12:53:08 UTC 2008

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Binary package hint: kde4

Hi there,
at first - I use the *german* kubuntu 8.10 64bit - so maybe some terms are not correctly translated here... Sorry for that. 

System: Kde4.1.2 (apt-cache policy packagename), latest regular updates
as of today / kubuntu 8.10 - AMD64

How should it be:

I add a icon from k menue to the workspace or the panel per right klick.
I change the name of the appearing minimal plasmoid.  Now the plamoid
name should be changed - and nothing else.

What goes wrong:
Let's say you have added an icon from the k menue to your panel or to your workspace/desktop (right click to a an item in k menue - and choose "zur Arbeitsflaeche/Kontrollpanel hinzufuegen" / in english propably "add to workspace/control panel") .
The icon will appear as minimal plasmoid (including the typical plasmoid controls like turning or resizing).
If you now change the name of the plasmoid (lets say from "firefox web browser" to firefox) - and nothing else is touched! - it will change the icon from the well known firefox symbol into a question mark. It will also disappear from K Menue --> Programs --> Internet (in german K --> Programme --> Internet) and will reapear (as question mark) in K Menue --> Programs --> uncategorized. (I guess, in german its under K Menue --> Programme --> Nicht zuzuordnen).
However it still starts firefox. 
BTW: The original firefox icon itself does not appear, when you you look for it in system icons under the general plasmoid properties tab. And WTF: The name remains unchanged!
Changing the name I archived with clicking on properties --> program (third cardrider) --> name (in german: Symbol einrichten-->Programm-->Name). 
I of course did not change the start command :) 

However I did change the start command of another program also added to
the panel directly per right click from the k menue.

I wanted another geometry for konsole (which by the way does not work anyway - the --geometry switch just is not reacting - I think/hope this is reported) so I changed the start command from "konsole" to "konsole --geometry 132x25" --> this changed the konsole icon from the well known terminal symbol to a questionmark *and* did not start konsole at all and moved it inside the k menue to the uncategorized section. 
So I changed the start command back to simply "konsole" - so anything should be back like before. But no - the question mark stayed and konsole is not startable again, the original k menue entry is lost.
Konsole is not starting even when typing "konsole" into the ALT F2 panel (but wait - there comes a second symbol "konsole au" - klicking this works) - Thanks god it starts from within the commandline from krusader - the "total commander" clone.

So basically - changing something unimportant - like the name of Program
Starter Plasmoids - moves them unasked inside the K Menue, changes the
icon to a stupid question mark  and may make them unusable forever.

Herr Irrtum, Italy

(my first launchpad bug report - hope its ok this way :) )

** Affects: kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

KDE4: Changing non important Properties of a Starter-Icon (in panel or on workspace) destroys Icon and changes its place in KMenue to the "uncategoriezed" subfolder
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