[Bug 150333] Re: Kubuntu does not have the same "magic" than Ubuntu

usr usrrgt at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 21:35:00 UTC 2008

** Description changed:

  GNOME had more lacks than KDE. Ubuntu's developers have solved it, and
  the proof of this is that in Ubuntu's 7.10 GNOME already it is not
  necessary to open a terminal to configure the system.
  For it, I think that now it is the moment to offer a bit more of
  contribution to Kubuntu project, and to obtain this way a distro as
  perfect as Ubuntu, but with the whole potential that KDE offers (¡It 's
  possible rip audio CDs with "copy & paste"!), which will be, undoubtedly
  (in my opinion), the definitive desktop.
  With this I want to say, that, you should put the same "magic" simultaneously in both distributions.
  For example: it has been necessary to wait to kubuntu 7.10 to have GDebi-KDE, and the rest of automations that are not in Kubuntu, but yes in Ubuntu.
  I request the same magic that exists in Ubuntu.
- Ubuntu brainstorm idea:
+ - Blueprint:
+ Kubuntu Hardy Catchup: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kubuntu-hardy-catchup
+ - Ubuntu brainstorm idea:
  idea #478: Support Kubuntu and KDE the way you support Ubuntu and GNOME: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/478/
  Here, the list of features:
  == NEW ==
  - [Low: Ubuntu 7.04] Information balloons for bad USB extractions.
  - [Low: Ubuntu 7.10] Ubufox, but for Konqueror.
  - [Low: Ubuntu 8.04] "There is a package manager working" tray icon.
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 6.06] ubiquity-kde does not close installer's main window when it is installing the OS (Bug #148715).
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 6.06] When kdesudo requests the password, the rest of the screen must fade to grayscale like with gksudo.
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 7.04] Migration assistant for ubiquity-frontend-kde.
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 7.10] apturl, but for Konqueror with Adept.
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 7.10] fast-user-switch-applet.
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 8.04] PolicyKit.
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 8.04] PulseAudio by default. GUI for PulseAudio too.
  - [Critical: Ubuntu 6.06] Better Adept.
  == FIX RELEASED (since Kubuntu 8.04) ==
  - [Ubuntu 7.04 → Kubuntu 8.04] Automatic codec installation.
  - [Ubuntu 7.04 → Kubuntu 8.04] Desktop effects.
  - [Ubuntu 7.10 → Kubuntu 8.04] AppArmour.
  - [Ubuntu 7.10 → Kubuntu 8.04] Automatic printer installation.
  - [Ubuntu 7.10 → Kubuntu 8.04] BulletProofX (http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BulletProofX).
  - [Ubuntu 7.10 → Kubuntu 8.04] NTFS partitions mount with sudo dialog.
  I trust that you will not leave Kubuntu delayed, like it has been till now.
  I would like to make reference to bug #1
  Thank you for Kubuntu, it's the only O.S. that I used every day and I installing to my friends.
  I wish the best you, to give the best us.

Kubuntu does not have the same "magic" than Ubuntu
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