[Bug 48146] Re: Poor font rendering in kpdf

Jeremy crisjss at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 17:07:33 UTC 2008


I made a simple test case.

In the attachment there are two latex files:

- "example1.tex" uses Latin Modern font (the new standard font in LaTeX);
- "example2.tex" uses Computer Modern.

In the  attachment there are also two folders with pdfs created in
openSuse 10.2  and kubuntu 8.04, and a folder with screenshots of pdf
renders in openSuse 11.

By what I have seen the problem is always equal between kpdf and okular.

The pdfs created in opensuse 10.2 are better than the ones created in kubuntu, when they are rendered in kubuntu. But, both are equal and much better rendered when viewed in openSuse 10.2 .
So there are differences about where the pdf is created and where it is rendered.

The pdfs created and rendered in openSuse 11 have the same problem of
the kubuntu ones.

One thing I had remember is that openSuse 10.2 has tetex and kubuntu, as
openSuse 11, has texlive TeX distributions.

All the pdfs have equal quality when viewed in other programs.

I hope someone finds the problem cause, and the solution, soon.

Thank you all,
Cristóvão Sousa

** Attachment added: "buglatex.tar.gz"

Poor font rendering in kpdf
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