[Bug 48146] Re: Poor font rendering in kpdf

Logan Lewis lkubuntu at proxc.net
Tue Jul 8 19:19:03 UTC 2008


Thanks for looking at this.  I'm not sure i understand your comment
about using different fonts - the document has the font (Computer
Modern, the default LaTeX font) embedded in the file.  I'm no
typographer, but the font itself is identical to me between those
screenshots; the difference is in the font hinting/rendering.

I just compared Okular to the kpdf on Kubuntu screenshot and the font
rendering is identical, and still suboptimal.  The test file may not be
ideal, but you can see on the "6.06" how the 6 is just isn't as readable
as it is rendered in xpdf or Fedora.  I can try to find a test file
which demonstrates the problem more distinctly, but unfortunately many
I've come across have been journal articles for which I have no
permission to redistribute.

Thanks again for your time.

Poor font rendering in kpdf
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