[Bug 99044] Re: KDM does not work if disk is full and gives no warning about it

Adam Porter launchpad at alphapapa.net
Sun Jul 6 01:30:45 UTC 2008

This MUST be fixed, SOON.  I just spent three hours going around in
circles, thinking my video card was damaged somehow, or that the hard
disk had corrupted some binaries, because every time I tried to log in
to KDE with KDM, it simply restarted X!  I booted into Windows, Knoppix,
Ubuntu 7.10, and Kubuntu 7.04, before somehow I realized that there was
no disk space left after I copied a bunch of files last night.  The
computer was fine last night, but when I turned it on today, I couldn't
log in!

And there was still 2GB+ of free space reserved for root, but there was
no space left for users, so KDE failed to log in and there was no error
message of any kind.  I looked through every log there is: kdm, kernel,
messages, syslog, dmesg, Xorg*, but none of them gave any clue at all.

As time goes by, larger and larger files are more and more common, and
users will run out of disk space more often.  This has got to be fixed.

KDM does not work if disk is full and gives no warning about it
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