[Bug 150333] Re: Kubuntu does not have the same "magic" than Ubuntu

usr usrrgt at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 12:05:47 UTC 2008

** Description changed:

  GNOME had more lacks than KDE. Ubuntu's developers have solved it, and
  the proof of this is that in Ubuntu's 7.10 GNOME already it is not
  necessary to open a terminal to configure the system.
  For it, I think that now it is the moment to offer a bit more of
  contribution to the Kubuntu project, and to obtain this way a distro as
  perfect as Ubuntu, but with the whole potential that KDE offers (¡It 's
  possible rip audio CDs with "copy & paste"!), which will be, undoubtedly
  (in my opinion), the definitive desktop.
  With this I want to say, that, you should put the same "magic" simultaneously in both distributions.
  An example: It has been necessary to wait to kubuntu 7.10 to have GDebi-KDE (GDebi is in GNOME since Ubuntu 6.06).
  They are a lot of automations that are not in Kubuntu, but yes in Ubuntu. For it, my request for to have in Kubuntu the same magic that exists in Ubuntu, and at the same time.
  - Blueprint:
  Kubuntu Hardy Catchup: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kubuntu-hardy-catchup
  - Ubuntu brainstorm idea:
  idea #478: Support Kubuntu and KDE the way you support Ubuntu and GNOME: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/478/
  Here, the list of features:
  == NOT YET IMPLEMENTED in Kubuntu ==
  - [Low: Ubuntu 7.04] Information balloons for bad USB extractions.
  - [Low: Ubuntu 7.10] Ubufox, but for Konqueror.
  - [Low: Ubuntu 8.04] "There is a package manager working" tray icon.
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 6.06] ubiquity-kde does not close installer's main window when it is installing the OS (Bug #148715).
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 6.06] When kdesudo requests the password, the rest of the screen must fade to grayscale like with gksudo.
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 7.04] Migration assistant for ubiquity-frontend-kde.
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 7.10] apturl, but for Konqueror with Adept.
- - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 7.10] displayconfig-gtk (for Kubuntu, displayconfig-kde).
+ - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 7.10] displayconfig-gtk ("displayconfig-kde" or "displayconfig-qt" for Kubuntu).
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 7.10] fast-user-switch-applet.
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 8.04] PolicyKit.
  - [Wishlist: Ubuntu 8.04] PulseAudio by default. GUI for PulseAudio too.
  - [Critical: Ubuntu 6.06] Better package manager (better Adept).
  == IMPLEMENTED since Kubuntu 8.04 ==
  - [Ubuntu 7.04 → Kubuntu 8.04] Automatic codec installation.
  - [Ubuntu 7.04 → Kubuntu 8.04] Desktop effects.
  - [Ubuntu 7.10 → Kubuntu 8.04] AppArmour.
  - [Ubuntu 7.10 → Kubuntu 8.04] Automatic printer installation.
  - [Ubuntu 7.10 → Kubuntu 8.04] BulletProofX (http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BulletProofX).
  - [Ubuntu 7.10 → Kubuntu 8.04] NTFS partitions mount with sudo dialog.
  I trust that you will not leave Kubuntu delayed, like it has been till now.
  I would like to make reference to bug #1.
  Thank you for Kubuntu, it's the only O.S. that I used every day and I installing to my friends.
  I wish the best you, to give the best us.

Kubuntu does not have the same "magic" than Ubuntu
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