[Bug 38692] Re: systemsettings doesn't load Display, Disk and Filesystems control module

Mark Henry mshenryartifakt at bellsouth.net
Sat Jan 5 17:48:26 UTC 2008

This bug happened to me soon after installing Kubuntu 7.10 on what was
previously a Windows only box. System is dual monitor. The module
stopped working a few steps after after I had successfully enabled the
second monitor. The monitor first came up as a generic with only 640x480
available, so I reactivated the module to first specify the secondary
monitor's type so I could up it to decent resolution. Type was on the
supported list. I made multiple changes, __including adjusting gamma on
secondary monitor__, before i closed the module this time. Then I went
through log-off and re-log-in which was what the program said was
necessary to apply some of the changes..On re-log-in, the two monitor's
respective gammas didn't seem to change much if at all, so I activated
the module again, and changed just gamma on the secondary monitor, by a
bigger step. Again, system indicated a log out was necessary to apply
the settings. I logged out and back in, saw no apparent change, so I
went through actual shut down and reboot. On reboot, secondary monitor
gamma was very high, like both changes I made were applied sequentially,
and the module stopped working.

   I am of the opinion that the system should direct the user to go
through an actual reboot and not just a re-log in to apply these setting
changes. I also suspect that inadvertently adjusting a gamma setting
outside the normal limits is one of the ways to cause the module to
fail, and worse, it looks like the kind of failure that could
theoretically damage hardware, or at least leave the user glare

systemsettings doesn't load Display, Disk and Filesystems control module
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