[Bug 69406] Re: KPDF draws lines out of the window.

MetaMorfoziS metamorfozis at metamorfozis.hu
Fri Feb 29 13:20:08 UTC 2008

I think it isn't depends on the video card.

I has this problem on different cards too:
- Nvidia (6600)
- Intel Integrated G950
- Via  S3 Unichrome
- Trident something...

This problem is very annoying. I think this lines comes from the pages
that isn't rendered yet, and which only has this grey X. If you scrolls
fast, faster than your machine renders (at my shitty machine it isn't
rare) then these Xes somehow gets out from kpdf.

Once i saw that this lines appeared on an image inside a webpage in
firefox. It isn't cleared when i scrolled up/down, neither for simply
refresh (without redownloading the image). So i think it somehow
overwrites the other applications memory, or buffer, or something like
that. (It's just an opinion i'm not adept in this stuff).

I have attached a video, that describes the problem more precise, than
my english grammar;)


** Attachment added: "Video about kpdf and it's weird lines"

KPDF draws lines out of the window.
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