[Bug 86680] Re:

Daniel P. Mahoney mahoney.d.82 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 00:28:02 UTC 2008

I also have a bit to say on this matter.  After hours of having to surf
with Firefox, I found out Konqueror will work in 2 ways, if knetwork
manager is enables: the FIRST option is disabling the cache, the SECOND
is running Konqueror as root, which I suppose will work for other apps
as well.  Because of Konqueror working fine as root, and before reading
this thread, I thought the problem might have been in the read/write
permissions of the cache folder (home/user/.kde/cache-'hostname', which
really points to /var/tmp/kdecache-'username').  The only one to have
ANY kind of permission is, indeed, root.  What I thought logical was to
then chmod the above folder, in order to give read/write permissions to
the group which Konqueror belongs to.  DO NOT DO THAT.  I was updating
the system when I did it, and everything crashed, but I thought it was
because of the update.  I spent hours with only konsole access, because
KDE would not load (Yes, that one simple seemingly insignificant folder
will do that to you), and I thought I had a broken system because of
update issues.  I finally thought the problem might have been related to
that folder, but not remembering the exact original permissions, I just
deleted it hoping it would automatically be recreated exactly as the
original.  Everything now seems to be working.  So...

Option 1)  Shut down knetworkmanager
Option 2)  Disable cache
Option 3)  Run the program as root

Just workarounds. though, any news on actually solving the bug?

PS:  DO NOT chmod /var/tmp/kdecache-'username'

And oh, I was thinking...  What the hell is an "enterprise version" of
free software, anyways :-P ...?

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