[Bug 186029] kdm resolution

aronzak nsewell at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 02:17:53 UTC 2008

I have the same issue. Please bear with me, the issue is quite hard todescribe.
I use a resolution of 1024x786. Kdm chooses a higher resolution (1400x1050 or something) for the login screen.
My screen (1024x786) can be moved around the larger screen by moving the
mouse over the edges of the screen.

This is fine as in a normal startup my screen is centered at the middle of the login screen.
In the K menu, Switch user > Start New Session is also fine.

Logging out, however, my screen is in the top left corner of the login
screen. The centre of the login screen (face browser, user and password
fields) appear in the bottom right hand corner of my 1024x786 screen. It
is possible to log in, but the menu (sessions, shutdown) cannot be read.

To solve this, some setting that makes the screen centered on startup
and Start New Session needs to also be set to Log Out. I didn't notice
this issue until I logged out, so this would be an acceptable solution.

kdm login screen slides when mouse moved up to the screen border and trying to move farther
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