[Bug 189113] [NEW] restricted-extras install ruins fresh install of kubuntu but works well in ubuntu

ajeannotte ajeannotte at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 5 00:36:07 UTC 2008

Public bug reported:

i've had Ubuntu running on my 2 home PCs for 6-8 months now. for kicks,
i thought i'd give Kubuntu a go since i use a lot of their programs
(amarok, k3b, ktorrent, etc...)

after installation i install my favorite programs (nvidia driver, vlc) and the restricted extras. i've pretty much got my system down for a fresh install since i'm doing it a lot. i like to play around with things so i find i do fresh installs a lot. never had a problem with Ubuntu.

as soon as i install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package and install
it, it blows up. package manager gives me an error message about not
being traceable... or something close to that (i'm not in front of it
right now)... and when i try to open the package manager again (or apt-
get) it tells me that it's already in use. even after i reboot it's
still in conflict.

if i try to have it resolve it's own conflict it blows up again.

so far the thing i've tried are:
- 5 or so fresh installs (at least)
- installing restricted extras first
- updating system first
- tried both ubuntu-restricted-extras and kubuntu-restricted-extras
- used 'top' to try to find which processes are active and killing them
- tried it on both computers
     - AMD 5600+ X2 / nvidia 7900 GT
     - AMD 4200+ X2 / nvidia 8500 

i'm buggered. this problem is past my limit of usefullness.
right now i've got it installed on a separate partition, all my favorites installed, amarok with mp3 support, vlc plays all video formats that i need (haven't found any video it won't play yet), firefox with flash, but i did it withough using the restricted extras package.

i suppose i really don't need help as it's running, but it would be nice
if i could just go to the restricted-extras and have it not ruin my
fresh install. if i didn't have as much spare time as i do right now i'd
have given up on kubuntu without even giving it a try.

** Affects: kubuntu-restricted-extras (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

restricted-extras install ruins fresh install of kubuntu but works well in ubuntu
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