[Bug 154724] Re: /var/tmp/kdecache

Chris Cook chris.cook10 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 14:40:39 UTC 2008

Ok, I can confirm Paul Hoell's comment on 7.10. (sudo shows the fault,
kdesu and kdesudo don't).

This doesn't seem to affect the basic operation of kate (I can open and
save files). So perhaps the error message is inaccurate. It would be
better if it was a warning and gave some indication why it matters.

Also, other Kde programs are affected in exactly the same manner -
including kwrite, kpdf, kmines*, kprinter.

knetwalk* is not affected. kgolf* is just plain funky and spits this
message out eventually.

Additionally, googling for "/var/tmp/kdecache- is owned by uid 1000
instead of uid 0." gives a lot of results, some are on other
distributions, so this is probably an upstream issue.

* I can see why running games like this is silly, but its included as an example. Games are run with 
sudo /usr/games/<game name>

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