[Bug 312347] Re: Dell mini froze when installing Amarok

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Tue Dec 30 14:07:50 UTC 2008

In my opintion this sounds like something ate all your RAM and/or CPU.
Also, since you were able to move your mice ... a Ctrl+Alt+Backspace
would probably have been enough to gain control again. This key
combination triggers a restart of the graphical system (called X-server
or just Xes. After killing and restarting it works fine.), which is
usually healthier than a complete reset and mostly works when you can
still get some kind of mouse movement (a moving mouse means that X can
still recive data, so the key combination ought to work as well).

However, such a high consumption usually shouldn't get caused by just starting an application :)
Did you have anything plugged in? e.g. iPod or another media device, USB storage drive...
What applications where open at the time (all you can remember anyway)?
Please document as precise as possible what you exactly did in order to trigger this issue. (e.g. started "Add/Remove Software" -> searched for Amarok -> Installed Amarok -> started Amarok via Menu -> Multimedia -> Amarok -> opened file via menubar Playlist -> Add Media -> crash) just as an example.

In general the more information you can give about the circumstances the
more likely it is that we can find the problem and resolve it.

Thank you.

Dell mini froze when installing Amarok
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