[Bug 162470] Re: Amarok can't fast-forward FLAC files.

obsidian obsidian at panix.com
Sun Dec 21 23:09:22 UTC 2008

This is still an issue on 8.10.

Does anyone more knowledgeable about Amarok know whether this can be
addressed by just updating a xine dependency?

The current status quo is not a great user experience.

Traffic on xine-devel (http://www.nabble.com/Seeking-in-FLAC-
files.-td1892865.html) suggests the xine devs feel the FLAC files
themselves are malformed. Unfortunately, they do not care to answer why
other players can seek inside them just fine.

I can however confirm that Amarok seeks properly on FLACs once the
metaflac workaround described above is used to remove and replace

Either FLACs are not generated properly by default in any ripper we
ship, or xine has a bug related to FLAC seeking. We should fix one or
the other...

Amarok can't fast-forward FLAC files.
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