[Bug 307943] Re: Amarok cannot transfer files from my ipod to my collection

wl2776 wl2776 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 07:56:48 UTC 2008

You didn't specify your Ubuntu version.
Perhaps, you should upgrade in to 8.10

Anyway, I can give you only a general direction to search.

1. Bring up the terminal window, plug in your device and type 'mount'.
You'll see a list of filesystems.

2. Find your ipod mount point. Basing on your screenshot, it probably
will be /media/LAZYBOY994

3. Note the device id ( /dev/ .. what? ), the type of the filesystem and
list of options.

4 .Type ls -la /media/LAZYBOY/iPod_Control/Music/
You should see a list of folders named F??, where ?? are digits (F01, F02, etc). Letters should be capital.

With my fstab, left from the previous Ubuntu version, I was seeing small
letters (f01, f02, etc )

5. Unmount the device ('umount /media/LAZYBOY994')
Probably you'll need to run the command with sudo ('sudo umount etc')

6. Type 'man mount' and study this manual page.

7. Type 'sudo mkdir /media/ipod'
type sudo 'chown you:your_groupd /media/ipod' (substitute you:your_group with actual names)

8. Repeat 'mount /dev/ ipod device /media -t vfat -o options' (substitute options with actual values learned from the manual)
and unmount, if unsuccessful, until you see capital letters in iPod_Control/Music

Amarok cannot transfer files from my ipod to my collection
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