[Bug 296835] Re: konsole high cpu load when maximized

memartin martin.meitzner at gmx.net
Tue Dec 2 09:26:43 UTC 2008

Seems this problem has been addressed by an update in the end. I've
tried to revert back to the default settings I used when the problem
appeared, but I couldn't reproduce it as I could before. I've also
noticed that I cannot seem to get my X much below 700 fps anymore in
glxgears with a default (unmodified) xorg.conf, even with deleted
driconf settings (HyperZ + SW TCL). When I started tweaking my settings
there I started with 280 fps! So it seems to me something must have
changed beyond my manual tweaks.

If it should matter: Since I've only had time for some rough testing, I
only restarted X to test the old settings, I didn't do a full reboot.

The only thing I couldn't be bothered testing was switching back to
vesafb from radeonfb as the framebuffer driver. But if I'm not mistaken
this should not interfere with Xorg settings, should it?

Let me know if you need deeper testing on that. But since it seems that
nobody else has this problem (anymore), this bug might be superfluous

konsole high cpu load when maximized
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