[Bug 120866] Re: Error passing command to konsole for execution

andrew ahn567 at bigpond.net.au
Wed Apr 30 14:35:16 UTC 2008

I can verify that I get the same "pty errors"  for Debian Etch  (Konsole 1.6.5  on KDE 3.5.5) using the example...

konsole --noclose -e "echo hello"

However, the problem is that the command must not be inside quotes (which is why -e must be the last option). 
So this works as expected...

konsole --noclose -e echo hello

This is NOT nice because xterm does allow the command to be enclosed in quotes, and is therefore more powerful.
For example, both of these work...

xterm -e less fred
xterm -e "less fred"

This means that you can do things like this to look at the gzipped file
fred.gz in a new window...

xterm -e "gunzip -c fred.gz | less"

But without the quotes  the -e refers only to the gunzip and the output from the xterm statement is piped into less (not what you want!). 
In otherwords, neither of these work as desired (no errors though)...

xterm -e gunzip -c fred.gz | less
konsole -e gunzip -c fred.gz | less

Error passing command to konsole for execution
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