[Bug 112244] Re: Konqueror refuses to resolve localhost and in some cases

Ysanne anna at foeglein.de
Sat Apr 12 11:19:17 UTC 2008

Is this bug going to be fixed in any way? It seems to be open for almost
a year now, without improvement...

I can confirm that the problem still persists in April 2008. The
'networkstatus' package is installed, but the 'Network Status Daemon' is
not listed in the 'Service Manager'.

The behaviour of konqueror pretty much kills the point of having at
least one working network interface, namely lo, under any circumstances.
Accessing local services should work independently of network access.
(Practical example: Web development on local Apache server while not
hooked up to the internet.)

Are there any good reasons for not letting KDE applications access local
services when there's no external network available? What's the correct
place for this bug to be filed, in order to restore standard *nix

Konqueror refuses to resolve localhost and in some cases
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