[Bug 83553] Re: redundant updating of packages

Bogdan Butnaru bogdanb+launchpad at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 22:33:49 UTC 2008

Yes, of course, it's not a single package for all of KDE. But some of
those are still pretty big. For example, kdebase is 30MB of sources, and
it generates a whole lot of binary packages: kdebase, kappfinder, kate,
kcontrol, kdebase-bin, kdebase-bin-kde3, kdebase-data, kdebase-dev,
kdebase-doc, kdebase-doc-html, kdebase-kio-plugins, kdepasswd, kdeprint,
kdesktop, kdm, kfind, khelpcenter, kicker, klipper, kmenuedit,
konqueror, konqueror-nsplugins, konsole, kpager, kpersonalizer,
ksmserver, ksplash, ksysguard, ksysguardd, ktip, kwin, libkonq4,
libkonq4-dev and kdebase-dbg.

Now, I don't know the exact build system in much detail, especially the
KDE part. But as far as know all of those packages are re-generated at
every compile (that is, any time at least one of them is changed), and
as a result all are upgraded (at least, those installed). And it seems
strange to upgrade konqueror just because, say, a bug was fixed in kate
or in klipper. It's not just inconvenient, it's a waste of
bandwidth—especially for the Ubuntu servers. It's not huge, but it is

(It used to be annoying for me, too, until I uninstalled most of them.)

redundant updating of packages
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