[Bug 191475] Re: [hardy] media tab in file management preferences missing applications

Daniel Hahler launchpad at thequod.de
Wed Apr 2 22:24:04 UTC 2008

** Description changed:

  Binary package hint: nautilus
  Under system->preferences->file management, the "media" tab does not
  detect a lot of the installed applications.
  For instance, on a standard hardy alpha 4 install, both Music Player and Photos are disabled, with the text "No applications installed", despite Rhythmbox and F-spot being installed on the system. 
  Additionally, under the "other media" section, it's not possible to select brasero to be the default for "blank cd disc". 
  This tab seems to duplicate most of the functionality from "Removable
  Drives and Media", and the settings in it don't match up with what's set
  in the removable drives and media app. I think it should probably be
  hidden in the standard hardy install to prevent confusion.
+ For reference, here's the list of mime types nautilus uses:
+                "media_audio_cdda_combobox",   "x-content/audio-cdda",
+                "media_video_dvd_combobox",    "x-content/video-dvd",
+                "media_music_player_combobox", "x-content/audio-player",
+                "media_dcf_combobox",          "x-content/image-dcf",
+                "media_software_combobox",     "x-content/software",

[hardy] media tab in file management preferences missing applications
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