[Bug 135084] Re: Kicker adds _: Entries in K-menu: to certain programs

Shaved Wookie piers.duruz at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 15:36:38 UTC 2007

I you right click the Kmenu then choose Panel Menu->Configure

You'll see four radio box options that let you choose which
combination and order to show the program name and description in the
1. Name only
2. Name-description
3. Description only
4. Description (Name)

As far as I'm aware this bug only ever affacted the Name-Description
and Description (name) options, but given that one of those is the
default it affected quite a few people.

If I switched to either Name only or Description only options it
always worked fine for me. I suspect it would be the same for you. I
was just commenting that I no longer seem to have the problem as I can
now choose Name-description and have it work.

Kicker adds _: Entries in K-menu: to certain programs
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