[Bug 152022] Re: [gutsy] KDE Basket crashes on startup

Luke Seubert luke.seubert at verizon.net
Tue Oct 30 01:14:32 UTC 2007

I created a new user account, and from within that account, I launched
basket. It worked fine.

I tried reverting basket and all its dependencies back to the Feisty
versions. This did not work, resulting in the same error code as before.
Following that failure, I restored everything to the latest versions
found in Gutsy.

I then followed your advice, and temporarily moved my /apps/basket/ and
basketrc files to another location. I started up basket, and it worked
fine, creating a new basketrc file in the process. However, when I
reverted to the original basketrc file, basket failed to start. I then
moved out that original basketrc file, and tried to restart basket once
more. However, unlike before, basket did not start, but crashed. During
all of this though, I kept the new /apps/basket/ directory that was
created when I first successfully started basket, after having moved out
the original basketrc and /apps/basket/ files and directories.

So, here's the deal. If I move out the /apps/basket/ and basketrc
files/directories, and I start up basket afresh, it works fine, and
creates new, default/empty /apps/basket and basketrc. I quit basket.
Then, when I try to restart basket, using the new, fresh
files/directories, it crashes again.

Now, here is where it gets weird. I went back and created another new
user account, and started up basket. It ran fine. I quit basket, and
restarted it, and it ran fine. So while this problem does not happen in
a new user account, in my old (very old) user account, it is a problem.

>From what you have done, it looks like the basketrc file is good and
works well. From what I have seen here, the files in
~/.kde/share/apps/basket/* are corrupted in some way, whether using old
files or fresh, new ones. My guess is that this is a problem with
something in the Gutsy operating environment, as I never had this
problem with Feisty. But I have no idea why this problem should afflict
my old user account, but not exist with a new user account. Any

Meanwhile, if you still want me to go ahead and post my
~/.kde/share/apps/basket material, let me know, and I will do so.

FWIW, this bug might not be worth too much more effort. I checked the
Basket homepage, and the developer is quitting, leaving the project open
for a new developer. If basket isn't going to see any development work,
especially conversion to KDE4, I might not continue to use it. Most
disappointing - it is an exceptional note taking program - very
powerful. Also, I see that nobody else has experienced this particular
bug with basket, so this might be something very unique to my system.

Thank you,
Luke Seubert

[gutsy] KDE Basket crashes on startup
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