[Bug 110974] Re: bad overlay on intel 945 with experimental drivers

puccha yuri at schaeffer.tk
Mon Oct 29 00:45:37 UTC 2007

More details:
- gutsy
- intel 945
- 64 bit

With the experimental drivers the image for videos using an overlay is
scaled incorrectly as well as low saturated colours.

situation 1
1) watch a video using mythtv -> the image is squashed in the x direction and has few colours. (image is almost grayscale and the width is about 1/6th of the original)

situation 2
1) start totem (no need to load or play video)
2) start mythtv -> video looks good. (probably now using software overlay)

situation 3:
1) start totem and watch video -> squashed and low coloured image

situation 4:
1) start mythtv and watch video (squashed again)
2) start totem and watch video -> perfect image

This is not just totem and mythtv, I noticed the same problem with
arbitairy players. It seems to me the first program grabs hardware
overlay (which is buggy) and the second uses software (which works

When I switch to the i810 driver using the screen and graphics dialog,
the problem disappears (but I'm not able to use the native 1280x800
resolution then). Furthermore in the login screen some fonts are about
10 times their normal size with the experimental driver. might be
unrelated though.

Kaffeine (xine) bad video scaling on intel video card
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