[Bug 145337] Re: Brightness key stopped working after update [Gutsy]

Kyle S pissboy at raidi.us
Mon Oct 22 16:12:24 UTC 2007

Loic Nageleisen wrote:
> my conclusion:
> - acpi stuff now only generates events and does not takes action anymore
> - gnome power manager is the only app currently able to catch these key or hal events and change brightness accordingly
> - there's no app for KDE able to do that
> - there's no console app either

I agree with this, I posted a similar analysis a month or so ago. In
fact, as of a couple of days ago I began working around the problem in
KDE by shutting down guidance-power-manager and running gnome-power-manager.

If these analyses are correct, then I'm at a loss as to how it seems to
be overlooked that Kubuntu appears to have no facility for handling
brightness key events, and how the actual brightness-changing
functionality got removed from /etc/acpi/events before
guidance-power-manager (or whatever) grew a replacement for it.

> so one should:
> 1. implement this in kde power manager
> 2. implement this in a daemon listening for hal events (so that it works in console mode)
> 3. make sure those cooperate so that brightness is not set multiple times for one keypress

Agreed, I'd like to repeat my opinion that having to be logged into your
desktop environment to change the brightness of your LCD using
*dedicated hardware keys* is less than ideal.

Brightness key stopped working after update [Gutsy]
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