[Bug 153194] kontact navigator toolbar won't stay when moved

Re Persina r99990 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 06:54:05 UTC 2007

Public bug reported:

Binary package hint: kontact

Using Kontact 1.2.4 (enterprise 0.20070907.709405) on KDE 3.5.8 / Gutsy
, the Navigator toolbar resists being positioned in anything but the
default placement.

By default, the Navigator toolbar is comprised of the special items:
"ActionList: navigator_actionlist"

This populates the Navigator toolbar with six icons, one for each of the
Kontact components. When enabled as a horizontal toolbar (along the
top), the Navigator toolbar's icons are by default positioned at the
right most edge of the screen. The Navigator toolbar's handle appears
much further to the left, just after the last icon of the previous

I would like to place the Navigator toolbar in the left most position at
the top, with the other toolbars following just after it on the same
line. Kontact will allow me to drag and drop the toolbar into the
position described, but upon changing to a different Kontact component,
or exiting and restarting Kontact, the Navigator toolbar's position
changes. It usually appears on it's own new line, below the component-
dependent toolbar(s).

I attempted to alter the placement of the Navigator toolbar by deleting
the "SpacerAction" from it, the effect of that is that all the icons
dissapear from the Navigator toolbar, leaving only its handle. I also
attempted to manipulate the the Navigator toolbar's position by manually
editing the ~/.kde/share/config/kontactrc file. under the [MainWindow
Toolbar navigatorToolBar] heading, but this too was unhelpful.
Specifically I tried removing the "NewLine=true" line and altering the
Offset value, but these changes did not have a positive effect.

Finally I tried removing both the "SpacerAction" and the "ActionList:
navigator_actionlist" items from the Navigator toolbar, and manually
added the icons for the six Kontact components, all using the "Configure
Toolbars" option within Kontact. Even after manually populating the
toolbar in this manner, I could not get the Navigator toolbar to stay in
the position I placed it. I also tried restoring the Navigator toolbar
to its default state, using the "Defaults" button in the "Configure
Toolbars" option, but this simply restores the Navigator toolbar to its
original right-aligned state.

Comparing with a different machine, still running Kontact 1.2.4 on KDE
3.5.6 / Edgy, I am able to place the Navigator toolbar where I desire on
that installation, and the toolbar stays put. The only obvious
difference is that the Navigator toolbar on that machine has on it only
"ActionList: navigator_actionlist", not the "SpacerAction" item.

** Affects: kdepim (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

kontact navigator toolbar won't stay when moved
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