[Bug 152393] Re: Kaffeine reports assertion failure, displays horizontal lines

Andreas Gustafsson gson at gson.org
Sun Oct 14 20:13:09 UTC 2007

I figured out the cause of the problem.  The X server is incorrectly reporting a physical
screen dimension of 0x0 millimeters:

  $ xdpyinfo | grep -C1 millimeters
  screen #0:
    dimensions:    640x480 pixels (0x0 millimeters)
    resolution:    -2147483648x-2147483648 dots per inch

This causes a division by zero when kaffeine tries to calculate the display aspect 
ratio in KXineWidget::initXine(), which in turn triggers the assertion failure and
causes the corrupt display.

Apparently the incorrect screen dimension is a known issue with the fglrx
driver; see, for example, bug #134142.

The attached patch makes kaffeine work again for me.

** Attachment added: "kaffeine.patch"

Kaffeine reports assertion failure, displays horizontal lines
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