[Bug 131855] Re: suspend fails in KDE, but it works in GNOME

Richard Guo rfguo at berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 4 02:21:03 UTC 2007

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 144191 ***

I have the same problem on Kubuntu Gutsy, all latest updates installed.
My machine is a Dell Latitude D620 with Intel GMA 950.

After the machine goes on standby, either from command line, guidance
power manager, fn+escape, kde shutdown->suspend, upon resuming, I get a
black screen with no response from keyboard or mouse. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
fails to kill X. Haven't tried ssh-ing. Only a hard power reset can
reboot the machine.

The same thing happens when the screen goes into DPMS power down without
suspending the whole machine (the "blank screen" option from guidance).
When I try to wake up the screen, I don't see the password prompt from
KDE but get a black screen.

suspend fails in KDE, but it works in GNOME
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