[Bug 109586] Re: Touchpad configuration (ksynaptics) has no (permanent) effect

francismacomber francismacomber at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 19:07:08 UTC 2007

I've been experiencing exactly the same problem since I upgraded to
Gutsy.  MetaMorfoziS, your solution is great, but I decided to make it a
little simpler.

After running Ksynaptics to ensure that your touchpad is configured the
way you want it, just run the command:

    synclient -l > svn.out

And you have all of your settings in a text file.

Now all you need to do is create a little batch script. I called it

    vim set-touchpad

And just cut and paste the following:

    while read LINE ; do
        synclient ${LINE// /}
    done < svn.out

This script will remove all of the spaces from your text file and then
use it to reconfigure your touchpad by passing the settings back to

Don't forget to make the script executable, and then put both files in
~/.kde/Autostart and you're set.

    chmod 755 set-touchpad
    cp set-touchpad svn.out ~/.kde/Autostart/

If you ever change your touchpad settings don't forget to create a new
svn.out and to copy it to your Autostart directory.

Thanks again to MetaMorfoziS for the inspiration!

Touchpad configuration (ksynaptics) has no (permanent) effect 
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