[Bug 137401] Re: kde apps draw very slowly

Shea McCombs shea241 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 01:26:23 UTC 2007

I can confirm this problem, but I do not have XGL installed.  I am using
Ubuntu 7.10, nvidia 7800.  Desktop effects are disabled.  I have
recorded a video to illustrate the difference:


Kate is on the right (obviously).  It is essentially unusable, as are
all of the other KDE apps I use.

- I am using the a driver downloaded from nvidia manually, installed with Envy (I am new to this Envy thing).  While I typically downloaded the nvidia drivers in Ubuntu 7.04 as well, I always installed them using their provided installer only.  Unfortunately, the restricted nvidia driver provided in the repositories incorrectly detects and sets my 1920x1200 display to 1600x1200, even if I manually "force" it to use 1920x1200 in various ways, but that's another issue for another bug.
- Kate was quite fast in the time I've been using Ubuntu prior to 7.10, from 5.04 to 7.04.
- While Gtk-based applications seem to be generally slower than they were in 7.04 (I have no data to back that up), they all run at a usable speed, unlike Kate and other KDE applications.

kde apps draw very slowly
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