[Bug 154892] Re: kmid doesn't send note on/note off on Kubuntu Gutsy 64bits

TJ ubuntu at tjworld.net
Mon Nov 5 14:04:24 UTC 2007

I've got the first note to play of a test file but not sure why!

The test files I'm using are from Gilbert & Sullivan's 'Mikado':

101.mid ("If you want to know who we are")  http://math.boisestate.edu/gas/mikado/webopera/mk101.html
102.mid ("A wand'ring minstrel I")  http://math.boisestate.edu/gas/mikado/webopera/mk102.html

I installed FluidSynth and then downloaded Frank Wen's Fluid R3
Soundfont and extracted the sfArk-compressed files using 'sfarkxtc' (see

$ sudo apt-get install fluidsynth
$ wget http://www.ibiblio.org/thammer/HammerSound/localfiles/soundfonts/FluidR3122501.zip

$ for i in *.sf[Aa]rk ; do sfark/sfarkxtc "$i" && rm "$i" ; done
$ rename 's/ //' *.SF2

(that last line removes the spaces from the file-names to avoid problems
for fluidsynth)

Start fluidsynth

$ fluidsynth SoundFonts/FluidR3GM.SF2 
$ $ aconnect -o
client 14: 'Midi Through' [type=kernel]
    0 'Midi Through Port-0'
client 128: 'FLUID Synth (10525)' [type=user]
    0 'Synth input port (10525:0)'

And try playing the test file:

$  kmid 101.mid

I get the first note and then nothing although the GUI (and monitoring
(in kmidimon) shows commands are still being sent.

FluidSynth can play the file correctly:

$ fluidsynth SoundFonts/FluidR3GM.SF2 101.mid

kmid doesn't send note on/note off on Kubuntu Gutsy 64bits
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