[Bug 155490] Re: [gutsy] Screensavers don't start automatically in Kubuntu

Rob Watson r.watson at bigpond.net.au
Sun Nov 4 10:12:13 UTC 2007

Same for me. I can make the screen saver run in 'Test' when
selecting/configuring screen savers (so I know the screen savers
themselves are installed OK and will run OK), but it won't start on its
own after the specified time. Only broken for Kubuntu (KDE) Gutsy, works
OK for Ubuntu (Gnome) Gutsy - each a fresh install, not an upgrade. Also
can't make screen saver start by specifying  a screen corner and moving
the cursor there, so it's not just a timer issue.

Also, selecting 'Lock Session' from the K Menu doesn't start the screen
saver either (it's supposed to, isn't it?).

Plenty of (i.e., way too many) errors in .x-session-errors, but none of
them seem to be screen saver related (but they might be).

[gutsy] Screensavers don't start automatically in Kubuntu
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