[Bug 59560] Re: [gutsy dapper edgy feisty] Kmid - NO sound comes out

liquidalien fabien at juchniewicz.eu
Thu Nov 1 09:05:22 UTC 2007

This is no problem ! Kmid is only a .mid/.kar reader : It is not design
to produce any sound but to transmit "midi events" to software or
hardware synth using alsa-senquencer capabilities.

You need to plug a hardware or software synthesizer to hear any sound.
The synth have to be General Midi (like fluidsynth..).

So a small tuto :

1. Install fluidsynth, jackd, qtjackctl...
2. Launch qjackctl, press play
3. Launch fluidsynth and load a General Midi soundfont
4. Launch kmid and choose the fluidsynth midi device
5. Load a midifile in kmid and enjoy.


[gutsy dapper edgy feisty] Kmid - NO sound comes out
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