[Bug 73332] Re: Switching users

Re Persina r99990 at gmail.com
Tue May 22 17:41:35 UTC 2007

I've had the same, or a very simliar problem with Edgy and now with
Feisty as well.

When logging out the second user (after having done a Switch User), the
display doesn't return to the first user's instance of X.

It seems that the second user/ X server is always started on vc9. When
logging this user out, the display goes to vc8, which has nothing
running in it, so I'm looking at a blank screen with a blinking cursor
and I have to manually (CTRL-ALT-F7) switch back to vc7.

I experience the same problem if I initiate a Remote Login (XDMCP) from
the kdm login screen. After logging out the remote connection, I am not
returned to the X server on vc7 where kdm is running.

Switching users
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