[Bug 69168] Re: konqueror file manager loses chosen view setting

yamal kubuntu at uhn-noc.net.ru
Sun May 20 19:46:41 UTC 2007

That is also my understanding of how things are supposed to work with
regards to the priority of the various settings, and it seems quite
logical too.

In reality however, it doesn't function completely in this manner: what should be lowest priority (file associations inode/directory) overrides the number 2 when moving away from some file opened in konqueror as described in the examples I posted earlier today.
And to complicate things further, there's also the possibility of starting konqueror file manager, then switch (for that session only; without saving the profile) to a different view mode than the one stored in the default profile; kind of a Priority 1½.

In the current situation, in order to actually get the things working as
expected, a user would have to keep the setting for the association of
the file type inode/directory in sync with whatever he has set the view
mode to a the time, be it via the default profile or a "manual" setting
just for this session. Unless of course an appropriate .directory file
is created beforehand in every directory on the system, which is not a
very realistic scenario.

konqueror file manager loses chosen view setting
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