[Bug 29622] Re: Many web browsers not print the headers and footers.

Michael Trausch fd0man at gmail.com
Tue May 1 20:32:58 UTC 2007

Alright.  Well, this has been one of those issues that has been around
forever—and not just in this distribution, but in any other distribution
that I have used (everything from Slackware on up).

I have two printers, an HP DeskJet, and a Lexmark E240 PCL printer.
Both of them print perfectly using Firefox under Windows {insert version
here}.  Literally, everything from Windows 98 to Windows Vista can do
this correctly.

However, when I print from Firefox under Linux, the header and the
footer from Firefox are cut off.  This is not a printer restriction, and
the location is the same under Linux as it is under Windows.  It just
doesn't doesn't print under Linux.  There are no settings that I can
find in CUPS regarding changing its perception of the hard margin, which
in the case of both printers is nearly the entire page size.

The most I can say with absolute certainty is that (a) Windows gets it
right, (b) No Linux distribution I have used (Slackware, Red Hat,
Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu) gets it right, (c) the bug is almost certainly
not in Firefox, because CUPS cuts off the header on both printers such
that a part of it shows up and the rest of it is clearly within the
printer hardware's printable range.

Perhaps I can scan a couple of copies of things I have printed on both
printers with identical settings, along with the output from print to
file, and along with the same things printed from Windows.  I am going
to need to find some time to do that, however.

As a point of record, even the Ubuntu test page does not print within
that area that the Firefox header/footer prints in; but the printer is
capable of it.

It would seem, then, that the problem is really that CUPS either does
not know that it can print there, or that the PPD is flawed in some way,
or that there are assumptions being made elsewhere in the system that
determine what can and cannot be printed.  Presumably, this means that
my HP DeskJet which supports "borderless" printing probably does not
support that under my current configuration under Ubuntu.  I've not the
$$ to test that theory, though.

Many web browsers not print the headers and footers.
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